or more accurately, pen holders...

When writing in a “copperplate” hand, it is suggested that right handed persons use an oblique pen holder.  Lefties can use a straight pen holder.

Oblique (offsets the nib to a forward slant)

These oblique pen holders

are available from Paper and Ink Arts and John Neal Booksellers are very similar.   I like them because

they use a comfortable yet  inexpensive basic pen and add a brass holder.  A brass holder allows for better fit of any given pen nib.

In addition there are a multitude of other choices out there.  Some with different balances, feel and prices, high and low.  Here are a few. 

There countless nibs on the market.  Here are a few I’d suggest you consider.

Tachikawa G

This is a smooth writing stainless steel nib and my first choice for new penmen.  It flexes well but is not too soft to frustrate the beginner.

Esterbrook 258  Although hard to find, I love this nib.  It writes a bit smaller than the Tachikawa and is more flexible, hence wider shades and thin hairlines.

Leonard Principal

This is one of the best nibs available, however it takes a fair amount of practice to make it dance for you.  But, when you do, nothing is like it.

other examples of pen holders



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