General Information and Links

Music performed by
            Mr. Fisher Wagg of Vermont   iTunes link                        (links will open in a new window)
                    Mr. Tim Reis of New York City and Connecticut  iTunes Link 
                    Mr. Bill Myregaard  of Vermont

On Screen references made to

Local (Vermont) art supply resources

Online resources

My reference page, inks, paper, etc.

Appearances upon request
Sharing the beauty of Handwriting, 
            Helping people learn or revitalize their handwriting skills 
                            and Improving the quality of how we communicate.

Inkwell Vermont is now
Viewable via weekly broadcast:  
Comcast Cable TV, 
Channel 15, MMCTV
streaming online on VIMEO at: ---------------------->>>

Chris Carfaro is the main event, on a cable TV show about calligraphy.

It is currently being filmed and the target is ten mini shows.
The first episode aired March 7, 2016 and episodes follow weekly.